"While we primary humans come in all shapes, sizes and colors, some folk have distinctly different traits of body. Their unique bloodlines make them their own category dubbed ab humans" -The Traveler's Guide to Soi
Fantasy races by bulhakov

Over the course of millenia, various hominid species have developed their own genetic traits due to natural adaption.

Ab humans, or abnormal humans, are subspecies of humans that deviate from the normal homo sapien breed, either due to natural subspeciation of genetically-isolated populations or artificial selective breeding by Immortals. In the second case, they are a subcategory of biomorphs (genetically modified creatures), but are not usually called this due to their human origin.

According to the oldest lore, the Immortals claim humans avoided a great catastrophe under their guidance that would have killed off all but a handful of human strains.

List of known Ab humans

The primary human strain

The primary strain of humans, previously called "plains folk," are the most populous strain of human, followed closely by the Goran. They descended from more primitive ape species, developing larger brains, less body hair, and an upright walking posture. While the primary human strain has different colorations and aesthetic features, none of these separate groups qualify as "ab humans".


Primary humans are agile creatures in the great ape family, standing on average 180 cm weighing 70 kg. They are agile, fairly strong creatures, adept at walking long distances and slow, sustained activity. They tend to have no natural weaponry except for their remarkable problem solving ability and manipulating appendages.

Different sub groups

Due to separation and development in different climates of Soi, many separate sub-groups of the primary humans have developed. Typically these sub-groups are immediately noticeable by different skin pigment and hair types. These are not ab humans due to the ease of which bloodlines can mix and breeding takes place between them with no complications, unlike ab humans. Ab humans generally cannot produce offspring with primary humans, and if they do, ab human crossbreeds with primary humans tend to lose all ab human traits.