GTC hub

The Hearth Home is the center of operation for the Family Hearth. The hub is a fortified city situated in the center of the trade currents south of the Woag isles. The city itself is a mass of constantly working bureaucracies analyzing the needs, wants, and resources of every civilization on the surface of Soi known to them in order to maximize profits and streamline the flow of trade goods.

Old Port Edit

"Coin flows like the tides. Our job is to sail the waters" -Thomas of Cheese

The Trade Hub existed since the first generation of merchants. Although much has changed since those times, Old Port has not. This massive carved rock face greets all that sail into the harbor. On top of the massive rock face is a metal and stone lighthouse which has long since been retired. What it does serve as, however, is a monument of the greatest merchants of the generation. Their names are ingrained into the stones of the building. It is considered the highest honor to have your name here, and though many rumors exist about these individual becoming either cursed or blessed by the sight after signing it. However, most merchants do not believe these myths, but it is customary to touch the face upon returning to the hub, thanking all the great merchants that came before you, who, by their own accounts, gave you the opportunity to make a trade.

Mounte de Faust Edit

This is the place where, during the Great War, the townspeople took up arms to defend their city. This street is the one street in the city in which no shops reside. It is considered by the merchants as a place of respect and glory, for that was the first true time did the merchants had to fight on their own soil. There was no honor or glory to be had; it was just citizens desperate to survive but filled with blinding rage, which all those who landed on their shores found the result of this.

Along the street are statues of the members who fought and died during the attacks, each carved with the greatest care and preserved with the same amount. At the end of the street lays an iron tablet embedded with "Never forget."