"It is not the circumstances of one's birth, but what is done with the gift of life that determines who you are." -The Fili

Inisfalli Religion primarily concerns itself with freedom and equality based on the teachings of The Fili, enforced either by peers or by Druids. The book collecting all of the scriptures of The Fili is titled "The Storybook".

The Storybook starts off with the detailing of The Sacred Rights, listed below:

  1. Freedom to Protect Oneself
  2. Freedom to Express Oneself
  3. Freedom to Redefine Truths
  4. Equal Treatment
  5. Freedom to Live
  6. As well as many others...

"Any man who purposefully harms another man is no longer a man, but an animal. And a rabid wolf who kills a man would be put down without a thought, wouldn't it?" - The Fili

The end of The Sacred Rights details the legality of the Rights. The interpretation of rights is left up to a jury of one's peers, i.e. if a man kills another man in self-defense (in accordance with the first man's 1, but impeding on the other man's 5) a randomly-selected jury of equal peers shall determine justice.

"Many societies hurt themselves by refusing to redefine their truths even in the face of reason. Always be searching for new truths, and searching to destroy your own held truths." - The Fili

The Fili left behind many documents of Knowledge. Knowledge is held sacred in the religion, and finding a new definition of Truth is highly encouraged to successfully become a High Druid.