Kallipolis University is the largest university in the world, located in Kallipolis, the heart of the Circle. Established by the Philosopher King around the year 300, it is now run by the Technocracy, which uses it as a source of research and highly-trained individuals. The university is open to anyone from any nation which is not openly at war with the Circle (namely the Tallet and Goran), making it a melting pot where the Encircled gain and share knowledge with the rest of the world.

Colleges and Departments Edit

The university is split into many different colleges and departments.

College of Societal Engineering Edit

Where most of the Technocracy's administrators and decision-makers are educated.

  • Sociology
  • Economics
  • Management
  • Political Science - Mainly concerning democracy and international affairs.

College of Studied Science Edit

Where subjects are studied, and the study of subjects are studied.

  • Philosophy - Offering programs on the more meta concepts, such as logic, rationality, ethics, and the scientific methods.
  • Physics -
  • Chemistry -
  • Biology -
  • Psychology -
  • Soiology - Dedicated to the study of all of Soi's composition and structures.

College of Applied Science Edit

Where science is applied to actually make things.

  • Math - Including advanced calculus and cryptography.
  • Engineering
  • Medicine
  • History
  • Ecology - Including agriculture.

College of Occult Studies Edit

A small, somewhat secretive college, where scholars research, categorize, and ponder the less scientific things in the world.

  • Mythology and Mysticism - Dedicated not only to the study of various religions and myths, but their underlying origins, natures, and potential truths.
  • Cryptology - The study of plants, animals, relics, and other entities which are unknown to science.
  • Immortals -
  • Esoterics -
  • The Bayesian Conspiracy - Not a department per-se, but an extremely secretive group of professors and alumni who engage in work which they believe to be too dangerous to make public, including dark science.

Knowledge collection and experimentation Edit

Use by the Technocracy Edit

Foreigner enrollment Edit